Team 1 wb 9.11.20

Date: 13th Nov 2020 @ 3:50pm

We have been so impressed by the children’s resilience this week. They have, without exception, worked incredibly hard on their writing. We have been re-telling the story of ‘Look Up!’ using a story map in our literacy lessons. This has involved repeating sentences from the story with actions to help us remember the sequence of words before writing independently.

In maths, we completed our unit on number and place value to 10, and began our new unit: addition and subtraction within 10. After exploring with concrete resources, we made some calculations and had a go at using a systematic method of making the number 5 in different ways. Perhaps the children can show you at home all the ways to make 5.

We had a pet theme in our independent learning time this week as many children have been expressing interest in pets they have at home or would like to have. This really sparked their interest further, and we saw some fabulous writing of pet adverts. We also made cat toys in our DT workshop, and even a dog agility course in the outdoor quad after watching a video of a very clever dog running, jumping, and weaving in and out of posts. The children wrote instructions for each part of the course, such as ‘go down’, ‘jump up’, and ‘in and out’.

We loved celebrating Children in Need on Friday. Our day started with a little gratitude, and thinking of all the things we are thankful for that some children might not have. The children were thankful for families, pets, technology, their teachers, and food! For Mouse Mania, the children watched part of a movie, coloured some Pudsey pictures, and enjoyed a little treat! We also sang a huge ‘happy birthday’ to SH ready for his birthday on Saturday.

Have a super weekend, Team 1!

Mrs Weeks and Miss Thomas