WB: 6.6.22

Date: 11th Jun 2022 @ 12:30pm

What a great first week back! We have had so much on this week in Team 2, but it was very fun! We started our week with some art and we were focusing on our developing our cutting skills. To do this, we made a coat for a Bee bot. On Wednesday, we have the pleasure of meeting Paul Cookson, his assembly was amazing! We learnt so much about poetry including how to make our own poem. As we are doing the Dragon Machine in English, we decided to keep it in theme and designed a poem about dragons. On Thursday, we followed our usual routine and had a little run through for sports day, so we are ready for Monday! Finally, on Friday we celebrated our Greek day, the children looked amazing!! Thank you to everyone for making the children look so good. We started our day exploring the different ways the Greek’s influenced the modern world as it is today. Next, we practiced our drawing skills and had a go at drawing Zeus- the father of the Gods. Then, we designed our own superhero’s and made a water clock. In the afternoon, we had a drama workshop and finished the day off with some Mouse Mania, in the sunshine! Have a lovely weekend, I’ll see on Monday.