British Values and SMSC

In 2014 the Prime Minister and Department for Education reiterated that there is a need “To create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”, as defined in The Prevent Strategy 2011.


We believe that the Horn’s Mill ethos embeds British Values through our curriculum provision including P4C, collective worship, engagement with the Parish Council and the local community, our roles and responsibilities and celebration of our diverse catchment.  Every child has a voice, a unique personality and skill set and ultimately a role to play in our promotion of British Values.  At Horn’s Mill School we promote pupil voice through an active school council who have regular meetings and projects throughout the school year. Horn’s Mill recognises the multi-cultural, multi-faith and ever changing nature of the United Kingdom and understands the role which both the staff and pupils have to ensure that we both promote and uphold these values throughout the year in the following ways.



  • There is a well-established School Council at Horn’s Mill Primary School. The two-school councillors for each class are elected in September through a secret ballot. The council then meets regularly throughout the year to complete projects and tasks.

  • The Governors meet with the School Council at the end of the school year to discuss the projects completed.

  • We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of democracy

  • In General Election years, all children in Key Stage Two have lessons on politics during the electoral month. We complete learning about referendums and have held our own mini-referendums about Britain’s place in the European Union.

  • Our behaviour policy reinforces the importance of social responsibility and fairness

  • We help children to express their views

  • Pupils are listened to by adults and taught to listen with care and concern for others. Children respect the right for all to have an opinion which is modelled in Philosophy for Children debates


The Rule of Law

  • Each class discusses, decides and agrees their class charter each September

  • Children are taught about responsibility and the importance of rules and consequences and how and why rules are made

  • Children have opportunity to reflect on their own learning, their own behaviour and their own safety

  • Regular visits from Judo Education, CEOP, Legal Practitioners, St John’s Ambulance, Police and Fire Services reinforce our messages

  • Children learn about the laws in relation to Drugs Education

  • Through Citizenship, PSHE, SEAL, RE and International Education we learn about the reasons for laws, how they govern and protect us, responsibilities and consequences from broken laws and for younger children ‘right, wrong and fair’

  • We show respect and value those who work to keep the laws of the country



Individual Liberty

  • All children whatever their age exercise the right to express their opinions and we support our pupils to actively look for and articulate their views

  • Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour and how with your rights come responsibilities

  • Through the provision of a safe and empowering environment children are supported to exercise their rights to personal freedom within accepted boundaries

  • Children are encouraged to take on areas of responsibility and leadership for example Playleaders, Buddies, Environmental officers and JSO’s.

  • Children are taught about the importance of E-Safety when online and all classes participate in an annual E-Safety day

  • Children have a choice of challenge in some curriculum areas and how they record their work enhancing their creativity

  • We learn about the range of family units and relationships through Sex and Relationships Education

  • Children can make a range of choices from their attendance with extra-curricular activities to supporting fundraising events

  • Furthermore, we learn about the importance of Civil Liberty through work on Slavery, Civil Rights, Freedom and Peace in History, RE, Music and Collective Worship. We participate in Remembrance Projects and learn about British role models

  • We encourage our children to be independent, active citizens, preparing them for their adult years


Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

  • We enhance pupils’ understanding of different faiths and world views through RE.

  • We have faith visitors in school and also visit places of worship in Helsby and Chester.

  • We learn about differences, diversity and similarities in RE and a specific PSHE scheme

  • Children are taught to tackle prejudice

  • We learn about celebrations and festivals from a range of religions – for example Chinese New Year.


Mutual Respect

  • Respect underpins our work both inside and outside the classroom

  • We show respect to those who serve our country and to all in our local community

  • We have an effective Anti-bullying and Inclusion Policy promoting respect for all

  • PE lessons reinforce the importance of fair play and promote teamwork and collaboration throughout and beyond the curriculum

  • There is an expectation that all who work, learn, play and visit our school do so with a respect for one another as well as for themselves


Additional to the key areas above we also promote British Values by;

  • Providing children with opportunities for enterprise

  • Fundraising for and supporting charities which are important to us

  • Learning traditional British Songs, e.g The National Anthem, Songs from the Wars, Carols, Proms, Sea Shanties and their relevance within history and relevance for today

  • Learning about the countries which make up Great Britain and the United Kingdom, through its geography, governance, flags, symbolism and culture

  • We value being part of Britain, Year 6 have May Pole dancing lessons, we hold a harvest festival and carol sing in elderly residential homes

  • Researching monarchy succession and key events

  • We host an annual garden party that is open to our local community

  • Accepting responsibility for our planet through sustainable global education

  • Learn about Britain within its role in Europe and the wider world and social responsibility

  • Valuing the cultural aspects of ‘Britishness’ through our appreciation of the sports and the arts

  • Engage with stories of national and local concern in the media

  • Host school events linking to national events, e.g. Street Parties

  • Learn about inspiring Britons in history and collective worship

  • Acknowledging that these British Values are not unique to Britain and can be found as integral values throughout the world, throughout a range of religions and a variety of cultures.

  • Attend the Cheshire Show and host a stall

  • Decorate a Christmas tree for Chester Cathedral

  • Celebrate the diversity of talents within the school through Horn’s Mill’s Got Talent

  • We mark “poppy day” and attend the Remembrance Service at St Paul’s Church