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Core Purpose and Ethos: Believe, Inspire, Flourish


Core Principles


We say yes to challenge

We embrace the "Seven Cs" to flourish

We believe learning is limitless

We are not afraid to take risks

We don’t say ‘can’t’, we say ‘not yet’


Our school core purpose and principles above, encapsulate the ethos that is held consistently by children, staff and governors.  It was created by us all in September 2016 and underpins everything that goes on at Horn's Mill.  During our research this year, we have learnt more about creating a Growth Mindset in our school and now focus on Guy Claxton's  "Seven Cs" when praising and encouraging the children in school and when monitoring teaching and learning.


  Curiosity, Collaboration, Commitment, Confidence,

Communication, Creativity, Craftsmanship


Horn's Mill is a happy, caring and inclusive school.  We are passionate about educating each child in a way that meets their individual needs.  This is possible at our school as we have a team of committed adults with a shared ethos allowing a consistent approach to teaching, learning and behaviour management.  

We set extremely high expectations for all staff and children, ensuring that each child can be the best that they can.  We play to strengths and celebrate success.


Contact the School

Horn's Mill Primary School

If you are a member of the community or parent with any questions, you can contact our headteacher Mrs Wyatt on

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