This page has been created in order for us to share information regarding our management of school whilst COVID 19 is in our lives.  For the 2021/2022 academic year we will keep this page open for now but I will be very happy to delete this page when the time is right! smiley

Urgent information will change on here as necessary, but the historical information can be found in the 'Parents' section of our website in the 'Letters for Parents' tab.

Key Documents:

  • Our Outbreak Management Plan for COVID 19 in a school can be found here
  • Our Remote learning policy can be found here
  • Our Catch Up Premium document can be found below.
  • Our COVID Contingency Plan can be found below.

Supporting Families:

One of the most challenging aspects of the impact this virus is having with regard to education, is the protection of children and families well-being and mental health.  The creators of myHappymind, the programme we run in school have created the guidance below to support us to talk to the children about the virus.  There is also an information leaflet designed to help children to understand more about Coronovirus developed by the NHS.  

MyHappyMind resources for Key Stage 1

MyHappyMind resources for Key Stage 2

At any time, if you, your child or family are struggling with anything, please let us know.  We are fully aware of the challenges that isolation, home learning, working from home and feeling lonely can present to you all and we want to help.  We can change or increase/decrease remote learning if this is what you need, or help you with it if it is making your lives stressful or too hard.  It is most important that solutions are found to any issues you are having.  We must work together to get through these most difficult times.

Thanks everyone,

Sharon Wyatt