Sports Day 2020

We are delighted to announce that this year we will be holding a 'Miller Sock Sports Day', so that everyone can get involved - whether you are in school or at home! The day is going to be themed upon a 'Socktastic Event'. Each activity is going to involve the use of a sock whether it be a 'Rainbow Sock Throw', 'Sock Jump' or 'Sock Put'. 

The date of our Sports Day is  Tuesday 14th July 2020.


To compete you will need:



Tape measure

Teacher demonstration videos 



Click the documents below to find out more about the events on Sports Day this year.


Demonstraton Videos 

You can see demonstration videos for each event by clicking each link below:

To see 'Sock Keepy Uppies' click here

To see 'Sock Basketball' click here

To see 'Jump In Your Socks' click here

To see 'Rainbow Sock Throw' click here

To see 'Sock Jump' click here

To see 'Sock Bowling' click here

To see 'Sock Putt' click here 

To see 'Sock Catch' click here