Phonics, Reading and Writing at Horn's Mill

At Horn’s Mill, we use Read Write Inc by Oxford University Press to teach daily phonics and early reading in Reception and KS1. If you would like to support your child/ren with Read Write Inc and Early Reading please download the document below.  There is also some useful information and activities on

Once children have completed the Read Write Inc programme (Ready Steady Read), we continue to develop children's fluency skills and focus on developing their reading comprehension skills.  We use Big Cat texts as home readers throughout KS2, to support the development of fluency and comprehension skills.  In KS2, children take part in whole class reading lessons daily, which aim to further develop their reading skills to ensure that they leave Horn's Mill as confident readers who have a good understanding of what they are reading.  For further information on the texts that children will be using in KS2, please see the attached reading spine.  Some of these texts will be read completely and extracts will be used for others.

We use a variety of quality texts in KS2 for whole class, small group and independent reading. Each classroom has a varied selection of books for the children to choose from that is updated regularly depending on children's stage of development, class topics and reading interests.  DEAR time happens regularly from Year 1 throughout the school, where children and adults are encouraged to ‘Drop Everything and Read’.

From Y2 and throughout KS2 we use the Read Write Inc spelling programme.  This is a new programme that we are using this year and we are very excited for the children to start.  It is an engaging sequence of lessons that aim to ensure that children are taught the spelling requirements set out in the National Curriculum. Further information will be sent home letting you know what you can do at home to help your child/ren with their spellings.

Previously, our school was involved in “The Primary Writing Project.” This project supported our school to raise standards in writing, using the basic principles of initiatives such as ‘talk for writing’ and ‘grammar for writing’. We worked with a cluster of schools over two years, sharing expertise and improving writing across the school.  Following this training, Horn's Mill has looked at supporting all children to master the curriculum skills for their year group.  We ensure that the skills being taught are progressive across the year.  To support this mastery approach, at Horn's Mill we use skills grids for each year group in both reading and writing which are broken down from the National Curriculum. This ensures that children are taught the skills that they need in a progressive way. Training has been accessed from a local consultancy firm called The Literacy Company who have provided the grids. Parents are welcome to look at these grids in school if they wish.  

An overview of the texts that each class will be studying in their English Lessons is available below on our text overview documents.