Team 6 Wb 2.11.21

Date: 5th Nov 2021 @ 1:43pm

Hi welome back to the blog.  We hope you have enjoyed all of our blogs so far! Let's get started.

So in Maths this week: we have been doing missing numbers in calculations and filling in blank spaces of some calculations. We have also been recapping adding and subtracting with and without decimals. 

In PE we have been starting gymnastics! We also have been learning body point balances like standing on one leg and 1234 point balances on how many body parts touching the floor (by doctor suess) It has been really fun and the poses that other people did were very good.

In English  this week, we have been learning about dialogue using the book star of fear star of hope. We wrote dialogue scenes about the same book. The book star of fear and star of hope is really good and we got finally finished it.  It had quite a sad ending.

We are halfway through our new book. Letters from the light house. We are almost finished with it, but it gets more and more intense the more we read on. 

In Science we learnt how to separate things such as water and sand, salt and water  and paper clips and rice.  We learned about filtration and evaporation.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Bye from the blog team Izzy Amelia and Riley :]