Team 4 2020 - 2021



Welcome to Team 4!

We are delighted in welcoming the Team 4 children back to school for the Autumn term. This term will be packed full of exciting activities.  



Autumn Theme: Heroes

During Autumn Term, Team 4 will be exploring what the word hero means to them and then learning about some classic and some lesser known "heroes" from history.  We will develop this discussion through our first English unit based on the text Counting on Katherine by Helaine Becker which is based on Katherine Johnson and her work at NASA.  This topic will open the door to our learning about space and how planet earth looks from space. Using maps and computers we will develop geographical skills and knowledge about countries, cities and continents as well as key technical vocabulary.


The second topic that Team 4 will explore in the Autumn term will be based on animals, habitats and some elements of conservation.  The class text, Gorilla by Anthony Browne, will guide our class learning and children will be encouraged to complete their own research about animal habitats. In addition, we will be completing some food preparation skills in DT.


We will use the theme "heroes" to develop all areas of the curriculum. 


PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon with Coach Rory. Team 4 should come to school dressed in their PE kits every Tuesday, ready for PE.


Please see below for a typical daily routine in Team 4.

Daily Routines:

8:30 Doors open for morning challenges
8:50 SPaG / Guided Reading

9:50 Snack break
10:00 Maths
11:00 Morning break
11:15 English

12:00 Lunchtime
13:00 Register + Happy Breathing

13:05 Spelling
13:20 Afternoon learning (Art, Music, DT, Swimming, RE, PE, Computing, and Science)
14:55 Hometime


Home Learning

The way we implement homework here at Horn’s Mill has changed. We value the vital importance reading has on a child’s life and education. With that in mind, we are having a huge reading campaign this year and we need your help to ensure your child is reading at home too. We would be extremely grateful if your child could read for a minimum of 10 minutes per day from Sunday through to Thursday. Ideally, this would be done with another person but if this is not possible reading alone for this time is still very impactful. We are doing a wide range of things in school to help inspire your child to read more. We have plenty of allocated time to read for pleasure. We have personally bought a library full of books that are current and interesting for your child. These are fully accessible and children can take them home too. We also have plenty of discussions about books and authors sharing our likes and dislikes.  


Times Tables

At the end of Team 4 your child will sit a National Times Table Test set by the government. We would appreciate if you could encourage your child to practise their times tables each day. To aid this practise your child has been given a FREE subscription to Times Tables RockStars! It is vital that this resource is utilised. We have started with times tables games in class and will continue with this throughout the school year. 


If you need any advice or assistance with anything that you think we may be able to help with, our door is always open and we are more than willing to help where we can. Thank you for all your support! 

Mrs Hughes, Miss Foster, Miss Morris and Mr F.

Our Remote learning policy can be found here



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