Team 1 2020 - 2021



Hello Team 1!

During the Spring term Team 1 will be basing our learning around the books, 'The Lion Inside' and 'The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth'. The children's emotional wellbeing is our priority on their return to school, but we will be continuing to focus on year 1 curriculum objectives while ensuring learning is cemented in each area before moving on.

Daily Routine:

8:30 Children with siblings in school begin to arrive. Morning challenges available.
8:50-9:00 Team 1 drop off time
9:00 Register

9:05 Ready Steady Read
9:50 Snack break
10:00 Literacy
11:00 Morning break
11:15 Maths

12:00 Lunchtime
13:00 Register and Happy Breathing
13:10 Handwriting

13:30 Other curriculum areas (science, history, geography, RE, art, DT, computing, PSHE, PE, French, Music)
14:00 Afternoon break
14:15 Other curriculum areas (science, history, geography, RE, art, DT, computing, PSHE, PE, French, Music)
14:40 Story time 
14:50 Children begin to be collected

15:05-15:15 Team 1 home time 


Please note:

Please ensure your child has the appropriate P.E kit and welly boots in school at all times. These can be left on their pegs. All items must be labelled with your child's name (including shoes).

Reading Books will be changed on a Tuesday and Friday each week to allow for the appropriate time for quarantine. The children read every day as part of their Ready Steady Read sessions, and read one-to-one with an adult once per week in school. Please make sure you comment in your child's red reading log once they have read at home. We would recommend you read with your child every day to support their developing reading skills as much as possible. It really does have a huge impact on their learning in all areas of the curriculum.

If you have any questions regarding your child's learning in Team 1, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Weeks.

Our Remote Learning policy can be found here


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