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Our topic for this block is The Mayans.

From the soaring stepped-pyramid of Chichen-Itza to quetzl-feathered headdresses, the final 10 weeks of the year will see Team 5 learning all about the Maya civilisation.  Our learning will include: where they came from, their architecture, food and lives, and their lasting legacy in the Americas.  

In Maths, over this final block we will be completing fractions, decimals and percentages.  We will also investigate the perimeter and area of different types of pyramid. 

In English, we will pen persuasive letters in a bid to avoid becoming human sacrifices on Mayan altars and instructions for building a Mayan stepped pyramid.  We will also read the book 'The Paperbag Prince' and complete a variety of writing linked to this text and the environmental issues that it raises.  

In Science, we will learn about the properties of different types of materials and investigate how to separate mixtures through filtering, sieving and evaporating. We will also demonstrate reversible and irreversible changes by dissolving materials to make solutions and through burning and cooking. 

 Our art lessons will develop our printing skills by recreating Maya-style artwork.  We will also use watercolour to depict modern day favelas in South America.  In Computing, we will practise our programming skills as we use the programs Scratch and Lego coding to make and test algorithms. 

Our RE lessons this Block will focus on the two greatest commandments, as identified by Jesus.  In PE, we will concentrate on developing our running, jumping and throwing skills in isolation and combination as we prepare for Sports Day and in our languagfes lessons we will continue building our French grammar and vocabulary, revisiting greetings and colours and learning numbers up to 100.  To Mr Thomas' continuing delight, we will finish learning the song, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Will Smith in our Music lessons. 


8:40 Door open for morning challenges
8:50 Register
9:00 Guided Read
9:30 SPaG
9:50 Snack break
10:00 English
11:00 Morning break
11:15 Maths
12:15 Lunchtime
12:55 Register
13:00 Afternoon learning (History, Geography, Art, Music, DT, PE and Science)
15:15 Home time


Please note: ensure children are wearing sensible school shoes at all times as the Daily Mile will occur whenever possible.

Please note: PE for Block 4 is on Thursdays. To ensure your child can take a full and active part in these lessons, please make sure they have a full kit of t-shirt, shorts and trainers or pumps in school, especially if after school clubs are attended.

Please note: Home Learning challenges have been set and the date that they are due in can be found on the forms in pupils' home learning books.

Don't forget to practice your spellings and the times tables listed in your home learning books each weekend!

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