Team 5 2019 - 2020



Our current Spring term theme is: 

Explorers of Sea and Space 

Part One: The Vikings

Religion, language, archaeological sites and artefacts, as well the everyday lives of the mightiest beserker to the lowliest slave, will form the basis for our learning in this History theme.  We will begin by recapping the invasions of the different tribes of the Anglo Saxons - where they came from, where they settled and how they changed Britain.  Next, we will move onto how and why the Vikings were such successful raiders, investigating their ships, armour, weapons and tactics.  Writing in character, we wil pen diary entries as monks who witnessed the terrible Viking attack on the monastary of Lindisfarne.  We will evaluate the different sources of historical evidence that will help us to answer our whole class question:  Who were the Vikings (and how do we know)?  We will also learn about the end of the Viking age with the coming of the Normans and the Battle of Hastings in 1066.   To supplement this theme, our English focus text is Arthur and the Golden Rope.


In Maths, we will continue with Multiplication and Division, focusing on different mental strategies before moving onto more formal, written methods.  We will also cover Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.  Our Science learning will see us learning about different tyoes of forces and simple machines, leading to us designing our own Rube Goldberg machines.  


In Geography, we will continue to develop our mapping and atlas reading skills, recapping core knowledge from this and previous years, as well as learning more about the Scandinavian countries from which the Vikings came.   In Computing, we will practice our programming skills as we use the program Scratch to make and test algorithms.  Our PE lessons will concentrate on developing our ball skills such as dribbling, bouncing and kicking and develop our tactical awareness and how to use this in competitive games.  


In French, we will continue building our French grammar and vocabulary, beginning with items of clothing and moving onto the days of the week and basic prepositions.   We will learn the song Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Will Smith in our Music lessons.  Islam will be our next RE focus this year, focusing on the 5 Pillars of the Muslim faith, encompassing the core beliefs and practices of Muslim communities.  


Daily Routines

8:40 Door open for morning challenges
8:50 Register
9:00 Morning Mental Maths challenges

9:15 English - whole class Guided Reading
9:50 Snack break
10:00 English - SPaG and writing
11:00 Morning break
11:15 Maths
12:15 Lunchtime

12:55 Register
13:00 Afternoon learning (History, Geography, Art, Music, DT, PE and Science)
15:15 Home time

Please note: ensure children are wearing sensible school shoes at all times as the Daily Mile will occur whenever possible.

Please note: PE for this term is on Wednesdays. To ensure your child can take a full and active part in these lessons, please make sure they have a full kit of t-shirt, shorts and trainers or pumps in school, especially if after school clubs are attended.  Swimming lessons will be on a Thursday; please ensure your child brings their swimming costume, a towel and goggles if required.  


The way we implement homework here at Horn’s Mill has changed. We value the vital importance reading has on a child’s life and education. With that in mind, we are having a huge reading campaign this year and we need your help to ensure your child is reading at home too. Children in Team 5 are expected to read for a minimum of 15 minutes per day from Sunday through to Thursday. Ideally, this would be done with another person but if this is not possible reading alone for this time is still very impactful. Please initial your child's Reading Record after they have recorded their home reading.  We are doing a wide range of things in school to help inspire your child to read more and regularly update the class library with books that are current and interesting for your child to read in school and take home.  If you think of any books that your child might like us to order, please let any staff member in Team 5 know. 


Times Tables

By the time they reach Team 5, children are expected to know their times tables and related division acts up to 12x12.   As part of their homework, children are expected to be practising their tables on a daily basis until they can quickly recall all of their tables facts.  To aid this practise your child has been given a FREE subscription to Times Tables RockStars.  Tables have been individally set for each child.  If you find that you child's tables are either too easy or too difficult, please let a staff member in Team 5 know.  

Please note: Home Learning challenges have been set.  They can be found in the link on this page.  


Don't forget to practise the spellings and times tables listed in your home learning!

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