Pupil Voice

Our children feel listened to at all times. As a concept, this is embedded into our school ethos and culture.  Visitors and families tell us all the time that our children are confident and feel valued.

Circle times are regularly undertaken in all classes. Children are given the opportunties to share their views, and  to feel they have an outlet to share and find solutions to problems in a safe, trusting and honest environment.  

Actively, we promote pupil voice by providing pupils with responsibilities and the power to change and improve the way that our school performs.

Currently we are working with three groups of children, in line with our School Improvement Planning priorities.  These groups will change as the need arises in school, but this term we have developed an Arts Council, Eco Champions and Reading Champions.

These groups are either elected in classes or specificaly invited by adults to the groups.  Each team is led by a member of our teaching staff who supports the children to make decisions and make a positive contribution to our school.