Reception 2021 - 2022

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In Reception our topics are based on the children's interests and will develop from something that they are engaged in.  Because of this, we will upload weekly learning letters aswell as photographs on Twitter, so that you can be involved with your child's learning alongside us!  You can use this information to help at home too: don't forget to send in your 'WOW moments' to let us know fantastic things your child may be doing at home.

Each half term, we have planned texts that we will be using with the children in Reception.  This term we will be using the texts, 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'I'm going to eat this ant'. We will immerse ourselves in these texts, both during focused Literacy learning and within the learning environment. This will form the basis of our child-led planning and we will target the areas of development through the excitement and engagement of the children's interests. 

Our class timetable is below:

Daily Routines

8:30 Door open for morning challenges
8.55 Register9:00 Ready Steady Read 
9.50-10.10  Literacy input 
10.10 - 11.20 Continous Provision
11:20 - 11:30  Review of Continous Provision
11:30 - 11.45 Maths Activity
11.50 Lunch Time
13:00 Funky Fingers/Handwriting
13:10 Afternoon learning and Continuous Provision
14:30 Review of learning from Continuous Provision
14:40 Story Time
15:00 Home Time

Please Note:

Some days our timetable will differ. PE will be on a Friday morning.  Bikes, Scooters and Trim Trail time on a Monday afternoon. On Monday, we also have transition time with Pre-school and singing with Mrs Wyatt.

Our Remote Learning policy can be found here