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Welcome to Team 2!

Here at Horn's Mill, all our curriculum learning is based on books! They're so brilliant! This half-term, we will be exploring lots of learning linked to two books. Firstly, we will read  'The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark' by Jill Tomlinson and then move onto 'Dragon Machine' by Helen Ward.
During our first book, we will explore links to owls by investigating what humans and animals need to stay safe and healthy and look at how animals grow up. We have some fantastic artwork planned with lots of messy clay!
When we move on to Dragon Machine, we will begin a history focus looking at the events of the Great Fire of London.How exciting!
Over the half-term, we will continue to learn about Judaism and what Jews believe about God and how they celebrate. In PE, we will be developping our dancing skills this half-term.

Daily Routines

8:30 Doors open for morning challenges
8:50 Register
9:00 Ready Steady Read/ SPaG/ whole class reading lesson
9:50 Snack break (healthy snacks only please :) )
10:00 Maths
10:45 Morning break
11:00 English

11:50 Class story
12:00 Lunchtime
13:00 Register and happy breathing
13:05 Handwriting and spelling

13:30 Afternoon learning (Topic, Art, Music, DT and Science)
14:55 Hometime

Please Note: PE will usually take place on Wednesdays. However, we would really appreciate if PE kits could be in school at all times to give us as much  opportunity as possible to get outside. 

What can we do at home?

One of the best things you can do at home to help your child's learning is to read. We expect children in Team 2 to be reading for 10 minutes 5 times per week. Studies show that it is also AMAZING for their vocabulary, expression and imagination to hear adults or older siblings reading aloud too- so why not make it a family thing? 

We would like to see reading records every week and will give children the opportunity to change their books twice weekly. They will take home a book band book as well as a book from the class library.

You will also find a link to our home learning sheet for the term below with spellings to learn, maths to practise and some ideas for further optional activities. Please also take  look at our calculation leaflet which shows the strategies that will be taught to your child this year.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions, queries or celebrations!

Thank you for your support!

Miss Delaney and Mrs Fletcher
Our Remote learning policy can be found  here



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