Reception - WB 5.10.20

Date: 9th Oct 2020 @ 1:08pm

What an exciting week we have had!

On Monday morning, we were left a bag of mystery ingredients and an envelope in our classroom. Inside the envelope was a recipe to make gingerbread, so using the ingredients we made some gingerbread men. There was lots of excitement around the classroom as we looked for clues as to who had been to visit us. We found further clues, as we were left a video of someone entering our classroom and a parcel. After gathering our clues and evidence all week, we finally found out it was the Gingerbread Man!! The children have absolutely loved finding the clues and it has led to a fantastic week of learning. 

In the afternoon, we have been exploring the season autumn. We went on an autumn walk around the school grounds and looked for different features of this season. We found lots of different coloured leaves that are starting to fall off the trees and collected them to bring back to class. We used the leaves to make some leaf print pictures.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Steen