Reception - WB 13.6.22

Date: 19th Jun 2022 @ 6:34pm

Hi everyone,

We started this week with a Sports Day! Thankfully the weather stayed off and we were able to enjoy a picnic with our families on the field, before beginning our events. The children took part in every event including the egg & spoon race, sack race and the obstace course. Everyone cheered the teams on and supported each other. We enjoyed a lolly ice break, before finishing our final races and announcing that the SCOTLAND (blue) team had won. It was a really lovely afternoon, thank you to everyone who came along.

Back in the classroom, we started a new story on Tuesday. We were left with another mystery letter and a frozen bag on peas!!! We were asked to help the peas, as they were all frozen. We used the tools to help them escape, but then were told they were cheeky peas and we shouldn't have helped them. OH NO!!! Watch this space to see what happens. We've been making our own predictions about what we think might happen next. 

During our themed curriculum learning, we have been exploring the season 'SUMMER'. We've looked at the featured of summer and the different weather types we should see. We talked about how to stay safe in the sun and created our own sunflowers too (see Twitter for pictures).

See you all tomorrow,

Miss Steen