Reception - WB 16.5.22

Date: 20th May 2022 @ 5:23pm

Hi all,

We've continued with our story 'Silly Doggy' this week in Literacy. We've completed different activiites along the way which link to the events we have read in the story. During our writing sessions, we have focused on using finger spaces between each word when writing simple sentences.

During maths, we have looked at 'taking away'. We've learnt how to take away a number from another number, which results in having a total number which is smaller. Children have used different concrete resources to support the development of this skill, including 10 frames, pegs & Numicon.

As this week is sustainability week, we have looked closely at the season we are currently in and how we know. We discussed the weather and what it is like in the Summer. We looked at what climate change is and how the environment is changes. We explored different types of extreme weather such as hurrcaines, tornados and floods, that are happening because of climage change.

Have a great weekend all.

Remember your Jubliee bonnets on Monday for Jubilee Day.

Miss Steen