Reception - WB 17.1.22

Date: 20th Jan 2022 @ 2:22pm

Good Afternoon all,

We started this week with a special themed curriculum day, to celebrate 'Martin Luther King day'. We learnt who he was, what his beliefs were and what he did for society today. We touched upon this subject in an early years friendly way and linked his teachings to every day situations we see in our classroom. We focused on the word 'kindness' and what that means to us as children in Reception. We created self portraits and celebrated our differences in hair, skin and eye colour, as well as personality differences also.

We then took our ideas to our whole school march around the daily mile, holding our self portraits proudly and chanting 'Always be Kind'. This day promoted further opportunities for learning in the classroom, where children created further signs, banners & flags and recreated our march in the outdoor area. Children were most defintely very inspired from this day!!

During the rest of the week, we have further explored our new text in Literacy and focused our learning on Dinosaurs during our afternoon topic sessions. This topic has really engaged lots of children this week!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Steen