Reception WB 7.3.22

Date: 10th Mar 2022 @ 8:23pm

Hi everyone,

This week has been such a magical week of learning in school - it has been SO wonderful to watch all the children flourish!

We had a special delivery in school on Monday, when 10 special eggs arrived that we had to help grow & hatch. We watched them in the incubator and came into school on Wednesday morning to find 2 fluffy chicks! We watched as 1 more chick hatched on Wednesday afternoon and then came into school to 8 chicks on Thursday.

It has been so excitng to watch and the children have been SO engaged in every moment of the process. 

We moved the chicks to the brooder box that we set up on Friday and began to look after them. We made them a bed and put some food & water out for them. We got to hold the chicks for the first time and let them have a little play on the carpet!!!

The learning, discussion and excitement has been amazing this week - I can't wait to see how big our chicks grow next week!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - Miss Steen will be looking after the chicks at home!!

See you all on Monday,

Miss Steen