Reception - WB 9.5.22

Date: 12th May 2022 @ 1:31pm


During themed curriculum lessons this week, we've been learning about healthy eating. We've discussed the different types of foods which we should eat to help our bodies grow & develop in the best possible way and the different food types that make up our daily diet. Children suggested lots of different foods that we should be eating, including fruit & vegetables. We used our senses to do a taste test and identified which fruit we were eating, with our eyes closed. The children enjoyed trying new fruit that some children hadn't tasted before! This learning this week has supported the children to develop their ability to manage themselves and the choices they make to help them grow.

During Ready Steady Read (phonics), all children have continued to extend their phonics skills in their own individual groups. Children have been applying their skills back in the classroom, where the children's independent reading skills have most definitely demonstrated much development. This has been evident whilst children have been completing reading games, that have been dotted around the environment this week.

Finally, we've said goodbye to Miss Crichton today! She is final year student teacher, who has been with us since February. Miss Crichton has now passed her final placement and will graduate as a fully qualified teacher in July. It has been wonderful having her in our class and we will miss her greatly. We wish her all best as she moves to Kuwait to begin her first teaching role in September!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Steen