Team 1 wb 15.3.21

Date: 19th Mar 2021 @ 4:32pm

Team 1 wb 15.3.21 

Happy Friday, superstars! We have loved having fun today for Comic Relief, and seeing some of your super outfits. 

This week has been another busy one, hence the long blog today. We have continued our unit of literacy using ‘The Lion Inside’, and have been writing descriptions of the lion and the mouse. We even made our own animal hats and got in character as that animal to write about what we thought about the lion ‘strutting his stuff’. We had some great writing, Team 1! 

In maths, we have continued to investigate addition within 10. As the start of a maths activity involving the census, we wrote our own ‘census’ survey for Team 2 to find out how they travel to school. Next week we will compare our data and present it to Mrs Wyatt. The children really took on the importance of having a national census and how it helps to influence decision-making, and we are excited to see if our data helps influence Mrs Wyatt’s decisions about travel to school.  

We continued our African dance this week in PE, which Mrs Wyatt came to watch. We put on our best show for her, and really engaged with the dance and music. 

In science, we began a unit of work on animals including humans by looking at the features of animals and we sorted some animals into groups depending on how many legs they had. We drew our own ‘Team 1 elephant’ and labelled his features. You might be able to sneak a look at him through the classroom window at pick-up time. 

History this week was fun as we looked at some images of televisions over the years and looked at just how much they have changed. The children were shocked to discover that Mrs Weeks had to get up off the sofa when she was little to change the channel! Thank goodness for remote controls. 

We ended our fun week with some parachute games in Mouse Mania. The children loved swapping places and making a tent to sit inside. 

Don’t forget to check Twitter for regular updates on what the superstars have been getting up to. 

Have a super weekend, Team 1! 

Mrs Weeks and Miss Thomas.