Team 1 WB 16.5.22

Date: 20th May 2022 @ 3:56pm

Sustainability week:

We have been finding out about the importance of biodiversity as part of sustainability week in Team 1. We have been on a plant identification walk around the school grounds to discover the different varieties of plants and flowers we have in our area. We discovered that flowers have colourful petals to attract bees, who help to keep our planet and food sources sustainable.

To help the bees, we planted some extra wildflowers in our school garden and will be keeping an eye on them over the coming weeks to see if we can increase biodiversity and attract even more bees and pollinating insects.

We also wrote letters to our local MP, Mike Amesbury, to ask him what is being done to increase the amount of wild flowers in the area. We will let you know if we hear back from him.

We completed our writing of our innovated stories this week and the children have produced some wonderful pieces of work including lots of the features of writing we have focussed on this half term. Well done, everyone!

In maths, we have been learning about counting on to help solve addition problems.

We have been practising our Jubilee for our whole school performance at our Jubilee picnic on Monday. We hope to see some of you on Monday at the picnic if you are able to make it!

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck making your Jubilee hats if you are making one.

Mrs Weeks, Miss Evans and Mrs Butters.