Team 1 wb 22.3.21

Date: 26th Mar 2021 @ 4:54pm

Our week began on Monday with a whole day of learning linked to the census. We learned about the census and why it is so important to ask questions. We asked our own question in a survey for our own class and for Team 2. We asked ‘how do you travel to school?’ The results were quite surprising. We found that most children travel to school by car. We told Mrs Wyatt of our findings in order to help her make decisions about the running of the school. The children came up with some great suggestions, such as encouraging children to use scooters/bicycles instead of cars to get to school in order to help the environment. This made our learning purposeful and the children were really well engaged!

On Tuesday we took part in the national day of reflection to mark the one year anniversary of the country going into lockdown. We made our own flowers for our memory meadow and ‘planted’ them outside. We also talked about the things and people we have missed during the last year, but also had a focus on the positive aspects: the things we have really enjoyed. We did this by drawing and writing in a memory jar all of the things we have enjoyed during lockdown, such as baking more, spending time with our immediate families, and Zoom calls.

Since Tuesday we have continued our writing about ‘The Lion Inside’, and reached the end of the book. The children have absolutely loved this story and the concept that we all have a lion inside us, no matter our size. The children have all worked hard on their writing this week, and some children were able to share their writing today with the rest of the class to celebrate our achievements.

In maths, we have been working on subtraction within 10. We began by using lots of concrete resources, songs and word problems. The children are so enthusiastic about maths, and have done a super job this week working out some tricky problems.

Our week ended with a choice of either playing outside in the sun on bikes and scooters, or watching a movie. The children have worked so hard this week and deserved the treat.

Have a super weekend, everyone. Let’s hope the sun stays out!

Mrs Weeks and Miss Thomas.