Team 1 WB 25.4.22

Date: 29th Apr 2022 @ 1:46pm

Happy Bank Holiday weekend, Team 1!

This week, we have been showing off our new found writing skills in English by using –ed endings on past tense verbs, and using ‘and’ to join clauses. We have been writing about what the cheeky little mammoth, Teddy, has been up to.

In maths we are learning about numbers up to 20. We are learning how to count forwards and backwards, and write the number words.

In PE, we worked on our aiming and accuracy at passing a ball with our hands.

In science, we have been focussing on flowering plants this week. You may have seen our Twitter posts showing the plants we found in the school grounds. We identified the parts of a flower, and have learnt the names of some common flowering plants.

We began a week of ‘weather watch’ on Monday, where we have been recording the weather each day to see if we can see a pattern of weather in spring, and compare it to the previous 2 seasons. It has been mostly sunny this week, with some cloud. Michael Fish and John Kettley would be proud!

For our Mouse Mania this week we brought in a toy from home to share with our friends.

Have a super Bank Holiday weekend. Fingers crossed for some more sunshine.


Mrs Weeks, Miss Evans and Mrs Butters.