Team 1 wb 29.3.21

Date: 2nd Apr 2021 @ 5:08pm

Happy Easter, everyone!

What a lovely week we have had for our last week of term!

In maths, we continued to explore subtraction within 10, using lots of concrete resources and pretending to be ice creams (yes, it is mostly about food in Team 1).

In English, we wrote some questions which we would ask the lion and mouse in our class text, 'The Lion Inside'. In the new term we are looking forward to re-reading our questions and recording interviews with the characters.

We learned about why Easter is celebrated, and the meaning behind many of the symbols we see at Easter. We made Easter cards with a difference. Using animal prints in our art lesson, we designed our own African animal Easter eggs which we stuck onto cards and wrote our own messages inside. The children enjoyed listening to African music and finding out why some animals have such intricate markings, it isn't just to make them look beautiful!

We had a super bunny hop around the daily mile, Team 1 can certainly hop and jump! For Mouse Mania on our last afternoon, we had an Easter egg hunt in the woodlands, street dance with Jenni, Easter cupcakes, and some party games. Did we mention we brought home a lot of chocolate?!?

The children have worked so hard again this week, and we wish you and your families lots of best wishes for your Easter holidays.

See you all in the Summer term, superstars!

Mrs Weeks and Miss Thomas.