Team 1 wb 3.11.20

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 4:16pm

It was lovely to welcome the children back this week after the half term break and see their smiley faces! 

This week Team 1 have been sequencing the events in our class text and writing about the main character’s feelings. We have been continuing to work hard to remember spaces between words, capital letters and full stops. 

In maths, we began recording our learning in maths books this week. The children have loved representing numbers using resources and pictures. We also used our maths skills during independent learning time by completing hundred squares and number lines with missing numerals. 

In PE we continued our multi-skills lessons with Charlie and played some agility games. In RE we began to identify how Christians celebrate Christmas. The children drew and wrote their ideas before sharing these with the class. We began a new music course of lessons by evaluating a song. There was plenty of singing and keeping the pulse! In science we had a hunt around the classroom for different everyday materials. We found table legs made of metal, doors made of wood, pens made of plastic, and books made of paper. I wonder if they children can find different materials at home.

During independent learning time we have made some beautiful firework paintings using our own photographs, written bonfire night invitations, made transient art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy using colourful leaves and conkers, had a tricky word hunt in the woodlands, and practised our maths skills.

For Mouse Mania on Friday, we played outdoor games and drew chalk pictures on the daily mile track. Don’t tell Mrs Wyatt!!! 

Have a super weekend, Team 1 superstars! 

Mrs Weeks and Miss Thomas