Team 1 wb 30.11.20

Date: 4th Dec 2020 @ 3:48pm

Christmas was all around in Team 1 this week. We have completed filming of our section of the virtual Christmas play, along with our Team song. The children were fabulous actors and singers, and we cannot wait for you all to see the finished product. Be prepared for some laughs!

We have been writing up our final piece of writing for our literacy unit using ‘Lost and Found’. The children re-imagined the story using an animal of their choice as one of the main characters. The children chose narwhals, Arctic foxes, owls and polar bears. We have been impressed by the children’s commitment to writing shown this week, working over 3 days to complete their final piece.

In maths, we have continued our unit of work on addition and subtraction within 10 by using maths in every part of our day. From lining up for lunch to sharing pencils. Lots of practical activities have helped increase the children’s number fluency and helped them to see the use of maths in everyday life.

A Christmas robin has been popping by the woodland outside Team 1 this week to spot some great behaviour and kindness. The robin has been reporting back to Santa, who sends us a message each day telling us which child(ren) will be opening the advent calendar that day. There are a few little treats inside!

The children enjoyed Mouse Mania out on the trim trail this afternoon, even if it was a bit rainy and cold!

Have a wonderful, cosy weekend!

Mrs Weeks and Mrs Butters