Team 1 WB 31.1.22

Date: 7th Feb 2022 @ 4:24pm

This week in Team 1, we learned all about Chinese New Year. We even made some Chinese stir fry with noodles. The children did a super job cutting all of the vegetables for our yummy meal.

In maths, we compared number bonds for numbers up to 10 in a variety of ways, using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.

In English, we wrote about how we could stop Nibbles the Book Monster from nibbling even more of our books. We practised using the plural noun suffixes –s and –es in our writing, and used the ‘sticky word’ and to join words.

In PE, we continued our dance about a growing seed by working with a partner this time.

We discussed some new vocabulary related to seasons, and discovered how to measure the temperature, rain fall and wind speed using equipment such as a thermometer, rain gauge, and anemometer.

We celebrated the end of the week by having a dance party and plenty party games in Mouse Mania.

Mrs Weeks, Miss Evans and Mrs Butters.