Team 1 WB 7.2.22

Date: 11th Feb 2022 @ 1:27pm

We have had a wonderful week full of exciting learning in Team 1! We started off on Monday with some music, listening and appraising Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. We focussed on the ‘winter’ section, identifying the violins as the main instrument. We looked at a violin and how it makes sound, making connections with guitars, which most children were familiar with. Mrs Weeks even played a tune on the violin. We found it strange that the bow was made out of horse hair!

In English, we have finished reading our class text, ‘Nibbles the Book Monster’. We began writing some diary entries using our plural noun suffixes and using ‘and’ to join words. We thought about how Nibbles might have nibbled into our own favourite book and how he might have altered the story.

In PE, we added a motif to our dance in partners.

In Science, we made predictions about the waterproof properties of different materials. Then we conducted an experiment to find out if we were right, by pouring water over the materials. We found out that mostly our predictions were correct, but some were not! We will write up our results next week, and decide on which material Nibbles should use for his coat in a rain storm.

In Geography, we made the four countries of the United Kingdom out of playdough. We improved our models by using an atlas. We discovered that the UK is made up of 4 countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland) with borders between them. One of the countries is across a sea, but has a border with the Republic of Ireland. We discussed the following vocabulary: country, border, sea, land. We marked Helsby on our maps with a flag.

In maths we have been exploring subtraction, and have begun to recognise its symbol. We have been using songs to explore subtraction, and have begun to use pictorial examples to represent items being ‘taken away’.

For Mouse Mania, we enjoyed some time outdoors with our Team 6 buddies.

Have a super weekend, Team 1!

Mrs Weeks, Mrs Butters and Miss Evans.