Team 1 WB 7.6.22

Date: 11th Jun 2022 @ 1:38pm

It might only have been 4 days long, but we certainly crammed a lot into our first week back after half term!

This week we began practising races for our sports day on Monday 13th June, and our egg and spoon race is looking on top form.

We had a visit from poet, Paul Cookson, on Wednesday. Paul held a fabulous whole school assembly which was so active and really instilled a love of poetry in the children. There were a lot of laughs! Paul then held a workshop with Team 1 and 2 when we created our own poem 'A Dragon in Our School' which you can catch on our Twitter account.

On Friday, we celebrated the ancient Greeks. Our focus in Team 1 was how the ancient Greeks influence modern day storytelling. They invented theatre, and we decided that without them, we might not have any TV, Netflix or YouTube today! Can you imagine?!? We acted out the Greek myth of Icarus and his father, Daedalus. The children were very animated with their acting, and enjoyed learning about the moral of the story (ie. listen to your parents). I wonder if they will remember this?

We had a super drama workshop run by 'West End in Schools', where we acted out the story of Hercules and all the characters in the myth. Lots of images are on Twitter of this workshop too.

In the afternoon, we made (and ate) a Greek salad. Some children were not too keen, but others were on their fifth serving before we had to go home.

What a busy and fun-filled week, Team 1. We cannot wait to see you all on Monday for more fun learning. Have a super weekend, all!

Mrs Weeks, Miss Evans and Mrs Butters.