Team 2 WB: 13.6.22

Date: 17th Jun 2022 @ 9:08am

In Team 2 this week, we have covered lots of new learning. I was overly impressed with the quality of writing Team 2 have produced this week. Last week, we explored where dragons might live and why they would live there. So, this week we have applied all of the skills we have learnt such as questioning, exclamation sentences and conjunctions into our writing to produce a piece of writing explaining where dragons lives. In maths, we have moved onto a new topic which we have briefly already touched upon. Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at fractions, specifically a half, a quarter, a third and two quarters. This week we have mainly focused on what a half is and what a quarter is.

On Tuesday, Mrs Carroe joined us for art and we completed a variety of different exercises such as cutting, painting and photographing on the IPads. In Science, we went out onto the field and collected data about the amount of minibeasts we could find. We found a lot of ants! This week we have also had pound for profit and soak team 6, the children absolutely loved this, it was so funny! Finally, as you all know we started our week of with our sports day. It was such a fun day and the children seemed to really enjoy it! We are finishing our week of with ice lollies on the field for our Mouse Mania whilst the sun is shining. Enjoy your weekend everyone!