Team 2 wb5.10.20

Date: 9th Oct 2020 @ 5:29pm

We had so much fun this afternoon making slime for our mouse mania! Sorry for the mess parents and carers but we really did have fun!

This week we have finished reading ‘Look Up’ and have worked on using ‘and’ in our writing and applying it into a diary entry of Rocket’s day. We have also been using descriptive phrases, along with ‘and’, to imagine what we could see, hear, smell and feel on a space flight after watching videos of shuttles launching into space.

In maths we have been comparing and ordering numbers to 100 as well as working on representing and reading numbers to 100 on number lines with intervals of 1s and 10s.

We had a great music lesson Monday listening to a piece by Hans Zimmer from Gladiator and Blue Danube by Johann Strauss. We closed our eyes and listened carefully to how they made us feel and tried to guess when astronaut Chris Hadfield listened to these pieces during one of his missions. We also watched a video he recorded on the ISS of him singing and performing Space Oddity by David Bowie and discussed what music we enjoy as well as why and when we listen to it.

In Science, we got ready to launch into space and had to decide what we would need as human beings to survive. We found that humans need air, water, food and shelter.

Thanks to everyone who has donated cardboard for our TOP SECRET construction project next week J

Have a great weekend!
Miss Delaney