Team 3: 20.9.19

Date: 20th Sep 2019 @ 6:21pm

This week we have been continuing to recap our Team 2 skills in English lessons with revision of questions, contractions and editing for capital letters and full stops. We have also been working hard on our spelling of words that start with a 'wh'. 

In maths we have learned how to represent 3 digit numbers in a variety of ways and how to compare 3 digit numbers, focusing on oru reasoning skills to explain and justify our answers. We played a great game called Nice or Nasty from the NRich website but changed it for 3 digit numbers if anyone would like to have  a try at home. We has to take it in turns to roll a dice and put our digit in one of three boxes until we had both filled all our boxes. The winner was the person with the largest number at the end. 

In geography we learned what a county is and next week will be researching our county of Cheshire to find out more. In art we practised mixing primary colours to make secondary colours and experimented with different brush strokes as well as how to make a colour lighter or darker. In PE we have been working on our passing skills ready to start tag rugby next week and in science we made skeletons, learning all about the different bones in our bodies. 

A big thank you to everyone who has been making a great effort to read at home. We were very pleased to see so many reading diaries in today- it was lovely to read them!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Delaney