Team 3 wb 14.9.20

Date: 18th Sep 2020 @ 11:16am

What another busy week in Team 3!

In English, we have been busy learning about Katherine Johnson and her extraordinary life! We have learnt about some of the difficulties that she and her family faced because of segregation, how she overcame this and how her father worked hard to send her to high school. Within this learning, we have created a diary extract written from her father's perspective about the struggles he faced, collected information about Katherine's life and also learnt about her love of learning!

In our math learning, we have been exploring the place value of three-digit numbers. We have learnt how to identify place value in these numbers, how to reason and also solve word problems.

In our afternoon learning, we completed our second OAA lesson with coach Rory in PE and also learnt about the key religious beliefs of Hinduism in RE.

Have a great weekend Team 3!

Mr Lawrie