Team 3 wb 18.10.21

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 5:02pm

Team 3 have had another exciting week!

In English, we have been very busy planning and writing our fact-file on Katherine Johnson.  We have been focusing on using apostrophes for contractions, expanded noun phrases, questions and choosing the corrrect spellings.  She is certainly a very inspirational lady to write about.

In Maths, we had a fantastic maths morning on Monday investigating whether space travel is possible without maths.  We have also started our new topic on addition and subtraction and looking at their relationship to each other.

In Science, we looked at skeletal muscles and how they work in pairs.  We made practical models of the bicep and tricep to demonstrate how they work together.

In Computing, we looked at how to search for answers on the laptops to different questions by focusing on the most important words.  

Thank-you for all your hard work this half term.  You have all been super stars, especially the last two days in the hall. 

We hope you have a lovely holiday.


Mrs Adamson and Miss Delaney