Team 3 WC 16th May

Date: 19th May 2022 @ 5:16pm


What a lovely week we have had in Team 3, doesn't the sunshine just make things wonderful!

The children are busy rehearsing their song and actions for the Jubilee and are all very excited to be celebrating the Platinum Jubilee on Monday (23rd). Remember that they can come to school wearing red, white or blue (or all 3).

We have a busy run up to the end of the school year with lots of things planned in. A letter will come home about a poetry recital competition which we would like every child to get involved with. Uploaded to our class page is a file with some poems which they can choose one from to learn. Alternatively your child can choose their own favourite poem to learn off by heart, ready to perform to the class. 

In Maths, we are learning to tell the time. There is an awful lot to cover so your support with this at home is welcome. They need to be able to read: o'clock; half past; quarter to and quarter past. They also need to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes and the nearest 1 minute. 

Below is a link to a song that could help.

In science, we have continued to learn about plants and have revisited our investigation into the conditions a bean needs to grow into a healthy plant. Today we drew our conclusions and decided that a bean needed water and sunlight into order to grow into a healthy plant. Many children were surprised to learn that the bean can still germinate and grow without these conditions but the plant will not thrive. Each child has come home with their very own broad bean to grow at home. 

Finally, we would like to wish Miss Delaney all the luck in the world as she marries her partner Graham. Miss Delaney, we hope that you have a fabulous day and want to see photos of you in your wedding dress. The whole class (and staff) send their love.

Have a great weekend.

Team 3