Team 4 - W/b - 7.1.19

Date: 13th Jan 2019 @ 8:51pm

Welcome back Team 4! It has been lovely to catch up with the lovely Team 4 and hear about their holidays. The children have quickly settled back into the routines and have been very settled. In fact it has been a lovely week with plenty to celebrate.

The children enjoyed our Engish "hook" on Monday - a circus in the classroom. The children were given a ticket at the door and were invited to queue up for popcorn or just enjoy a selection of circus activities. As well as being a lot of fun, this really helped start our new unit of English and the ideas have been flowing thick and fast! 

The children have applied their super brain power to some interesting maths challenges this week too. We are providing opportunities for some more open ended problems so that they can really grapple with finding solutions. Team 4 coped very well with this and seemed to enjoy the challenge.

We hope that everybody has a restful weekend. 

Mrs Hughes and Miss Foster