Team 4 - W/b - 8.7.19

Date: 13th Jul 2019 @ 12:59pm

This week, Team 4 have once again been extremely busy.

On Monday, the children enjoyed  a day of science where they explored living things and their habitats. We learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates, different ways to classify animals and how to use Venn diagrams. We finished off our day by conducting a habitat survey of our school woodlands.

To complete our English unit based on Blue John by Berlie Doherty, the children have been writing a letter to a Curious Caver! Our focus has been about using technical vocabulary and writing cohesively. We have been taking our time to ensure that these letters demonstrate the skills we have learned this year as we will be passing them to Mr Thomas in Year 5. I am absolutely certain he will be very impressed.

Of course, Mr Thomas got to know Team 4 better on transition day this week. We were delighted to see the children bound into school on Thursday, eager to impress their new teacher. Mrs Lewis, Mrs Butters and Mr Thomas were really impressed with the attitude of Team 4 and I know they are all really looking forward to working with such a lovely class in September.

We hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Mrs Hughes and Miss Foster