Team 4 Wb 10.1.22

Date: 15th Jan 2022 @ 4:34pm

What another excellent end to the week in Team 4!

In our math’s learning, we have been exploring length and perimeter. We have been exploring how to convert cm, mm and metres and apply this knowledge to word problems and real life contexts. We also began learning how to measure the perimeter of different 2D shapes.

In our English learning, we created a diary entry about a man who went to visit a circus and ended up getting sucked into a storm when on a hot air balloon ride! We also learnt how to use a range of conjunctions in our writing and also recapped our learning about apostrophes.

In our spelling work, we learnt how the ‘ch’ sound can make the /k/ sound in certain words. You can reinforce this learning at home by practising the following words with your child:









In our science lessons, we learnt how different materials can absorb sound and completed an investigation to see which materials are best at absorbing sound. In our PE learning, we worked in small teams developing our team work skills and ended the session by applying this learning in a game of dodgeball.

Have a wonderful weekend Team 4!

Mr Lawrie