Team 4 Wb 25.4.22

Date: 29th Apr 2022 @ 5:54pm

What a busy week we have had in Team 4!

In our English learning this week, we have planned and started writing a diary entry about the day in the life of a tribesperson on a remote pacific island. We explored some of the jobs tribes people would complete, learnt about the different roles within their community and then pretended that we were one of these people and wrote a diary entry about a day in the life of a tribes person.

In maths, we have been learning about equivalent fractions. We learnt the names of the different sections of fractions (numerator and denominator) and then we used practical apparatus to explore how different fractions can have the same value and be equivalent. We then applied this learning in a range of problem-solving contexts.

In our science learning, we finished our observational experiment that investigated how sugar damages our teeth. We completed observational drawings that detailed how the eggs had changed in a variety of liquids. To end the experiment, we then cracked the eggs open to see how each liquid (water, milk and coke) had impacted the inside of each egg. We were very surprised!

Have a wonderful long weekend Team 4 and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday ready for our residential :)

Mr Lawrie