Team 4 wb 8.3.21

Date: 13th Mar 2021 @ 6:34am

What an amazing first week back!

We were so excited to see our Team 4’s this week and they have come back with an amazing attitude to their learning.

On Monday, we started our day with an assembly on hope. The children listened to each and shared their ideas beautifully. We also enjoyed a back to school party with games and treats and a lot of laughter.

In English this week, we started our new unit ‘Leon and the place between’ with a visit to our very own circus. The children had a visit to the “big top” tent and experimented with juggling, magic tricks, parachute games and popcorn!

In maths, we have been revising some place value and addition and subtraction skills and in reading, we have been learning about significant women as part of International Women’s Day.

In PE we started to look at the necessary skills for invasion games and in science we created our own string telephone in an attempt to work out how sound is made.