Team 4 Wb 9.5.22

Date: 15th May 2022 @ 4:51pm

What another busy week we have had in Team 4!

In our English learning this week, we finished writing our diary entries about a tribesboy who lived on an island. The children's work was fantastic! They used a range of skills in their ideas including fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, a range of apostrophes and also applying their spelling learning throughout the year. I was very proud of their work!

In maths, we continued exploring fractions. We learnt how to identify equivalent fractions and also how to compare and order a range of fractions. We applied this learning to a range of word problems and reasoning tasks and used practical resources to help reinforce the taught concepts.

In our afternoon learning, we completed gymnastics in PE exploring how to hold positions and make 'bridges'. In art, we learnt how to use a range of resources to make a desired image with Mrs Carroe and in music we continued learning how to sing the school melody in preperation for the Queen's Jubilee.

Have a great weekend Team 4!

Mr Lawrie