Team 5 w/b 2.3.20

Date: 6th Mar 2020 @ 4:50pm

This week, Team 5 have been developing our knowledge or all of the eras we have learned about so far in school, thinking about where they fit chronologically in relation to one another on a timeline.  We were given a series of cards with different civilisations on (minus the dates), and had to order them.  We started at the Stone Age and went right up to the modern day.  We then had to add the dates on.  We did pretty well!  We’re going to keep practising this until we’re all really confident.    We loved World Book Day on Thursday.  We did lots of activities, including hearing two authors talk about how they make their books funny and the techniques they use to make us like or dislike characters.  We linked this to how we presented Jub and the witch in our traditional tales earlier in the year.