Team 5 wb 22.11.21

Date: 26th Nov 2021 @ 4:02pm

Well done Team 5 on another busy and productive week!

This week we have been working on negative numbers and Roman numerals in maths. It is not easy reading large numbers from a different number system and we have been very proud of Team 5’s attitude to this. In reading we have been looking at texts linked to our forces topic. To further support the children’s science work, we had a visit from our STEM ambassador, who came to talk about forces and had lots of practical things for the children to explore. Hopefully the children came home talking about the experience and some of the fun they had.


We have been continuing with our violin practise, where we learnt another new song. What a talented class of children! We can’t wait to share this with you soon.

In topic lessons, we have been looking at how the climate varies so much across North America. The children then shared their knowledge by creating postcards from an American state.


The adults have been very impressed with the mature attitude and enthusiasm shown by all of the children this week and we wish you all a lovely weekend.