Team 5 Wb 24.1.22

Date: 28th Jan 2022 @ 7:49pm

Team 5 has been rather depleted in numbers this week! We are so sorry that so many of you have had to isolate yet again. We really hope that we can welcome you all back as soon as possible.


In school, we have had some super learning about our topic. In music, we composed and wrote our own battle piece. We learned about the settlement of Anglo Saxons and their 7 kingdoms and we even created some designs for shields. 


In other news, we developed our learning from the My Happy Mind unit "Celebrate", by creating a PowerPoint presentation all about ourselves. Not only did this work show off some fabulous IT skills, it also helped us to appreciate and recognise our character strengths.


To all of our learners at home, we wish you a very speedy recovery. We hope to see you back in school very soon.