Team 5 wb 29.3.21

Date: 2nd Apr 2021 @ 10:21am

Team 5 have had a wonderful week in the lead up to the Easter break.  

In English, we've been writing letters in character and working in groups to decide how best to sort our writing into paragraphs.  We've also been working hard on our grammar Check Its to reinforce our understanding of different types of sentences and parts of speech.

In Maths, we've continued with our fractions work, moving from equivalent fractions to investigating fractions greater than one whole.  We've also been hard at work on our Check Its, making sure that we've retained the learning that we've already done in Maths this year.

In Science, we learned about different types of simple machines and mechanisms like levers, pulleys and gears.  To end the week, we had a whole afternon of Easter-related fun.

Have a wonderful holiday!


Mr Thomas and Team 5