Team 6 - 3.11.20

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 1:52pm

This week has been exciting! 

On Tuesday, we started our new class book: Letters from the lighthouse. Team 6 are loving it so far!

In English, we planned our letters to the Montgomery Bus Company explaining why segregation should stop on buses.  On Wednesday, we wrote up our letters to the Montgomery Bus Company in our English book. As well as that, we also did science in the afternoon - we learnt about different animal types, for example; reptiles, birds, fish, mammals and amphibians. We filled in our KWL (know, want to know and learnt) grid.  

On Thursday this week, we had French games which was very fun! We were learning the names of animals in French.  A group of children have also been creating a poppy wreath in preparation for armistice day. Next week they will be taking it to the church for a remembrance service.  

This week really has been wonderful! We can't wait for another brilliant week!

From The Blog Team