Team 6 - 7.12.20

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 2:21pm

This week has been festive!!! Starting off the week with Monday we did PE with Coach Craig where we worked in teams to pass the football around in different zones. We also began making our Christmas book front covers, where we put ink of different colours on a piece on paper. After we had done that, we learnt how to create trees with black ink and a straw, which we did the following day.

As well as that, we also recorded our AmaSing song that we made a couple weeks ago.  The song that we created was chosen as one of the best so the AmaSing team came in to record us singing it.  We can’t wait to hear the final product!

In reading lessons this week, we have been reading poems and analysing their meaning. We answered questions about them too!

We also began writing our Christmas books this week.  We won’t tell you too much about that so that it can be a surprise when you receive them next week!

Since it’s nearly Christmas, one of us gets to pick a candy cane off the Christmas tree to take home and eat J YUM!

We have had a brilliant week and are ready for a rest this weekend.

From the Blog Team