Team 6 11/7/16

Date: 14th Jul 2016 @ 7:57pm

Only 4 days left at Horn's Mill for us all!

Rehearsals are coming along and now we are tweaking stage directions and getting to grips with the songs harmony.

I was really impressed with our two Poetry finalists today and was great to see so many of you learning a poem off by heart.

I'm looking forward to seeing your masterpieces at our Team 6 Sharing Home Learning tomorrow and showing off our Team GB Olympic work we've completed.

Those of you who brought in your costumes today they were fab!

Tomorrow is our Water Wonderland which should be fun - remember a change of clothing.

Just to remind you all about our Leaver's Play:

Tuesday 19th July 

Arrive no earlier than 6.15 to change into your costume

6.30pm start and afterwards the 'Freinds' have organised the Hoodie and Balloon presentation followed by food and music.

Have a good weekend.