Team 6 1/4/16

Date: 1st Apr 2016 @ 4:55pm

Wow Team 6 the second term has flown! I am so very proud of the class and how you've all worked extremely hard and the progress you're making as you approach you last term at Horn's Mill Primary. What a great ending to the term receiving the Dependable Mouse Award for the third time running! 

In English this week we've been describing Skull Island in a documentary style then editing and improving our work ensuring we vary our sentence structure and punctuation.

In Mathematics Team 6 have been carrying out arithmetic assessments and I am so pleased with how you've all improved on your scores compared with your last test.

What a fab job to our two Team 6 boys did at introducing each act at our Horn's Mill's Got Talent Final. We really do have the future Ant & Dec already to take over! 

It was lovely to see parents and children at our Team 6 parents evening!

Have a well-deserved Spring holiday and I’ll see you on Monday 18th April.